We are hoping for a great turn out for the 50 year Reunion.

To see the classmates that have RSVP'd  and for whch event, chooe the event from the pull down below.
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Guest RSVP'd Purchased Tickets
Anne Osborne (Mucinskas)
Barry Cuozzo
Bev Daye (Kuhn)
Carla Larsen (Hill)
Carol Kidwell (Acree)
Catherine Schmitt (Tayman)
Charlene Cornu (Shaw)
Cindy Wert (Rohls)
Dennis Torbett
Don Kuhn
Elaine Nogay (Walker)
Elizabeth Green (Perkins)
George Earnshaw
Gina Glagola (Hull)
Jack Courtillet
Jean Earnshaw
Jerry Wiese
Joanne Terrizzi (Lang)
John Talbert
Judith Butler (Rodney)
Kathy Hoffman (Nelson)
Louis Oertly
Lucy Berube (Caffrey)
Lucy Berube (Caffrey`)
Lulu Marilu Ursic (McCaffrey)
Lulu Ursic (McCaffrey)
Lulu ( Marilu) Ursic (McCaffrey)
Mary Riley (Oechsler)
Melvin Mason (Mason)
Michael Acree
Michael Mulcahy
Mike Rubino
Nancy Norris (Walter)
Patrick Morrissette
Peter Bozick
Robert Mellin (Mellin)
Steven Shaw
Sue Christman (Williams)
Teresa Stubblebine (Franklin)
Teresa (Terry) Stubblebine (Franklin)
Total 29 20