Test your memory.
1) Who was the McNamara class president?
Michael Weissmuller
George Ernshaw
Lee Shapira
Joseph Conlon
2) Who was the McNamara favorite movie?
Easy Rider
Alice's Restaurant
Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Graduate

3) Who was the McNamara favorite book?
2001 Space Odyssey
Slaughterhouse Five
The Peter Principle
I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings
4) Who was the McNamara Music Department Head?
BR. John Donahue C.S.C.
BR. Robert Antonetti C.S.C.
MR. Frank Neitzey
MR. Jerry Garcia

5) Beat?
St. Johns
Georgetown Prep
6) What was the score of the McNamara Fairmount Heights game?
0 to 26
8 to 6
27 to 7
13 to 7

7) Where are LaReine's stained glass windows?
National Gallery of Art
Our Lady of the Presentation Catholic Church in Poolesville
The Vatican